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Best Bathroom Remodeling Service in Charlotte



A professional bathroom remodel is an excellent place to invest money into your house. It can improve day–to–day life, make upgrades for special needs, help conserve water, and raise the market value of your home. If you have plans for a bathroom renovation, look to the best building contractors you can find to take on the job.



Today, bathroom design has evolved to a new level of luxury. Bathrooms, once simple utilitarian spaces, now resemble plush spas with relaxing ambiance and rejuvenating features. Homeowners want bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, where they can unwind from a long day and relax in the height of luxury.  



The amount of time needed to complete a bathroom remodel depends largely on the size of the space and the scope of the work. Bathroom remodeling in Charlotte takes between 2 weeks for a simple “pull and replace” to 3 months for a custom bathroom with many custom details. On average, this type of remodel should take about 1-2 months.



When considering a bathroom remodeling project, it’s important to think about who uses the space, the personal needs of the user, function and practicality, design style and budget. With so many beautiful and innovative fixtures and materials available, bathroom remodeling selections and the associated prices can become overwhelming. It’ll likely be important to narrow down your choices. A bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC can typically average from $9,000 to $50,000 and beyond, depending on your material and fixture choices.



You can live in your home during a bathroom renovation. Construction Theory will work to minimize disruption during construction and will ensure your home remains safe and livable throughout the duration of your project. Although living in a construction zone its never a fun thing to do, your budget and time frame will dictate your yes or no for this matter. 

Bathroom Remodeling Service

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A bathroom remodel doesn’t always have to be an enormous project. Many of our customers like the general layout of their bathroom, but want to make a few changes to keep the design modern and fresh. With Construction Theory you are a major contributor to the design of your new bathroom, but we take over the stressful details and work. You are always in control, but never under pressure.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Service


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