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Whole House Remodeling in Contractors NC


At Construction Theory whole houses remodeling is one of our specialties. We take the Design-Build approach to make your home renovation process run as efficiently as possible. When it comes to home remodeling in Charlotte, we raise the bar of client satisfaction. Hire our professional home remodeling contractor in Charlotte NC.



We are not the typical general contractors or home improvement company. We have a unique process that creates a seamless experience for our customers from beginning to end.  When it comes to home improvements and home remodeling our full-service process will save you time, money, and stress. In the home remodeling or home improvement world a certain level of stress is to be expected, we at Construction Theory like to say, “We manage the stress, so you don’t have to”. We will organize and coordinate everything related to your project and will be there along the way until the last screw is set. We take pride in our work and enjoy being able to achieve our customers visions. This is a fun time for all because you will be able to show off and share you new space with family and friends. We have a team of professional whole house remodeling contractors in Charlotte NC.



As home remodelers in Charlotte, we can assist you with any size project starting from single bathroom remodeling to whole house renovations.  A whole house remodel can mean several things. A whole-house renovation can involve a full kitchen remodel, several bathrooms, new flooring, and new paint, all creating a cohesive fresh look. It can also be a complete gut job taking your existing home down to studs, and re-building with a completely new layout and moving walls. A project of this magnitude is very involved and will rely heavily on the ability of the team chosen. A home renovation like this requires professionals at every stage. Our unique process includes all the talent you need to create a seamless project and assistance from the design stage through build-out.



It begins by working with our Project Developers to establish your vision, budget, timeline, and direction. Your project developer will walk you through the process of an HGTV experience come to life. Your designer will show you renderings and handpick special finishes with your unique taste and style in mind. Our professional estimators and project managers will be heavily involved during this phase to make sure our designs and your dreams are staying within the set budget range. This is a huge benefit of the design-build model. You will  save time and money having everything done under one roof, and a level of checks and balances along the way. A project that requires this type of “heavy lifting” as we call it needs a solid relationship between the design and production team. At Construction Theory, we have worked hard to create this balance and chemistry. We believe this synergy translates to our customers and helps us create stunning projects that leave our clients in love with their new space. We want our clients to be raving fans because they have fallen in love with their home again, and our process.

Home Remodeling Contractor Charlotte

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You will feel the difference with our company from the moment you call in to speak with our Client Services Manager and schedule your initial consultation at our South End, Charlotte Design Center. We truly care about our clients and the projects they entrust to us. Many people will only remodel once, maybe twice in their lifetime. We take great care in listening and learning about our clients so we as the problem solvers can create solutions and bring the vision to life.

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