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Our goal is to provide the perfect facility construction to meet each client’s needs. We are able to provide clients with expert project design solutions, thanks to an established network of vendors, architects and engineers that understand the specific commercial construction industry requirements. Construction Theory will work with your company step by step throughout the design and layout process to make sure that the best possible flow is created. Hire our professional commercial contractor Charlotte NC.

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Time and money are valuable assets. It's a good thing then that we're masters at value engineering, the process of reducing construction costs and increasing efficiency at every step in the building process. In fact, we feel that we do it better than anyone else. 15-20% lower total construction costs and up to 15-30% faster completion times than the industry average. That's more than just value, that's giving you more time to enjoy your completed project.



We have successfully completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects and our success is a direct result of knowledge and experience of our team, the quality and efficiency of our subcontractors, and our comprehensive understanding of building codes and the challenges of any construction project. We are skilled in bid, negotiated, and design/build contracts and understand the importance of project delivery.



Quality is one of those words that gets tossed around in the development business. Numerous other development organizations' best ordinarily just likens to "that is sufficient." Our responsibility is to add up flawlessly on each form, guaranteeing the outcome will never miss the mark regarding supreme greatness. That is our meaning of value.



We're a company that actually puts together our business associations with respect to a confident handshake. This clear way of thinking is the reason 95% of our work comes from informal references and rehash customers. Our statement is our standing and our standing is everything. As a third era development organization, this worth is incorporated into our DNA, and it's one we impart into each representative that works for us.


Construction Theory is a full service general contractor that can provide solutions for all aspects of your new or existing commercial facilities. Our firm’s bio & retail center designs, development, and full build-outs meet and exceed all FDA inspections and building code regulations; we raise the bar when is comes to industry best practices. Check out some of our projects below

Construction Theory made my restaurant renovation go easily and painlessly. I was terrified of the very idea of having a renovation at my restaurant because of all the expenses, dust, and the fact that I did not know how much time it would take and what to expect. In the restaurant business, every day it's closed means a significant loss in profits.


We try and stay busy! Keep up with our work as it happens


    The Suffolk Banquet Hall- South End, NC (completed)

     QC Pour House - South End, NC (completed)

     Lincoln Street Kitchen - Charlotte, NC (completed)

     Blow Out! - Fort Mill, SC (completed)

     Nekter Juice - Myers Park, NC (completed)

     Engel Institute Dental Center - Charlotte, NC

     The Dumpling Lady - North Davidson, NC (completed)

Commercial Contractor Charlotte


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Discover why so many local and franchise businesses choose us a partner in building their dream locations. With extensive experience in tenant up fits we can offer the most value for our clients hard earned money. Contact us today for a free consultation and proposal on your next commercial project

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       Tel: (704) 612-9660

        216 Fairwood Ave, 
        Charlotte, NC 28203

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